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Welcome! I am a writer, avid outdoorsman, husband, father, and grandfather. I
enjoy writing and have published my first book, Silence Within the Storm.Read more below

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Silence Within the Storm

They battle a society infected with arrogance, greed, jealousy and lust.

Tom Barrett, the brilliant young lawyer, lands a job at the most prestigious law firm known for hiring only top law school grads. Although his working-class roots would have precluded him from being considered, Tom’s ambition impresses the partners, except for one senior partner. A master at manipulating people, John Lawton seeks to undermine Tom, even if it means taking down the firm’s top client. With every success, John grows more resolved to destroy Tom’s career. Determined to derail his rise in the firm, John has set the ultimate ploy to finally take him down.

In his personal life, Tom constantly battles his inner desires for the forbidden love, Ellen Walsh. The more he attempts to repress his feelings, the more he is drawn to her; the beautiful woman he has yearned for since college. Little does he know she struggles with her own demons. The more she fights to save her marriage, the more it crumbles. Each meeting, each encounter with Tom, stirs up her hidden desires.

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I have finished his book and REALLY enjoyed it. Jim tells a great story. I almost feel like I grew up in St. Louis!


"So excited to have read and finished this great book.  Found I couldn't put it down as I wanted to see how it ended!  Loved the setting/time of the book (late 60's; early 70's).  The characters were vividly described and completely relatable.  Highly recommend!

Sarah H.

"Wow!  I am impressed with the book!  The plot was great…kept me wanting to read more. The characters were realistic, and of course. I loved that it was situated in St. Louis.

Mary Lee

Just finished the book – loved it.  Hope there’s a sequel in the works.


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